Product details

After Sales Service & Repair Management System

Engaging Process and flexible User experience help to smooth operation in after sales service & repair

  • Project Name: After Sales & Service
  • Client: Microtek UPS & Inveters
  • Project Start Date: February 20, 2021
  • Project Completion Date: SEP 30, 2021

Our Strategies

To make implementation plan as, running process and working will not hamper at migration to new application, and smooth start in new application, to improve user experience and user learning and working practices.

Our Challenges

Our Main challenge is to manage big call/ticket load (approx. 2 lac call per month), with multi-level working steps in multi geo location in multiple plate from (web, App & other app integration) and different type of working environment .

Our Success

Implemented successful, with restless support of our customer team and our technical /functional team.


Service Head
Microtek Internatinal

The Candour Software has successfully delivered the platform for service Managemet. The team collaborates effectively with the client’s internal team using the Agile methodology and Google Meet for project management. The Canduor Software investment in helping their engineers grow stands out.